Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a unique blend!

Early Mornings! Were these always as beautiful as these are??

Waking up late was an unwritten norm of my life,

To experience dawn was a far cry…..

Couldn’t imagine dawns to be that bright,

Till Roza and Sonali walked in my life.

They painted my mornings with their ‘R’ed ‘S’heen,

Just like sunrays in the early morning sky beam…

Filling up my life with strokes of delightful hues

Metamorphosised my mornings n took away all blues!

Luck by chance , we met in Alliance Francaise .Don’t know whom to thank but I cant thank enough the moment while walking in the land of nod , I happened to follow Sonali (a 22 years old Chandigarh resident)and Roza (28, Iranian student doing PhD in law from PU) (C’mon its not that easy to wake up so early for any damn class in the world).

On being followed , Sonali offered me to come along casually and I did J.Thereafter commenced the magnetic bonding amongst the three of us in the airy and splendid ambience of Notty Bhaiyas Cafeteria in Alliance Francaise. Having three cups of chai , maggi and sandwiches has become a routine of a sort while we talk our hearts out making a ‘khichdi’ of Hindi , Punjabi , Persian , French (as we just have a smattering of all these lingoz now) with English as a common link. Now, Sonali and I thank people by saying ‘Tashakor’ and Roza prefers ‘ Dhanyawaad’. J Roza’s chuckles and her cute hindi accent with Sonali’s mellifluous songs make my day !Our friendship stands as a great example of the collabaration of three cultures – Indian , Iranian and French(coutesy Alliance Francaise)

P.S.- A part of it got published in the indian express on frienship day...if they cudnt publish our whole story...hw does it matter....i can!! :)


  1. "Friends are the roses of life pick them carefully".You picked up beautiful roses who filling up your life with strokes of delightful hues.

  2. thnx akhil....u are one of dose roses as well...tu es mon ami aussi!