Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deep seated imagination!

A tinsel town it is…the place my mind wanders in….wherever may I rambles in the lanes of the world of imagination…talks to an indefinite identity who is non existent for the outside world…finds its solace just in that identity wherever be it lost.

It always thought that world’s a bubble and so is the reality of all the creations crammed in it.

Bye the bye , it found an outlet in the real world…in the form of a soul who could make it laugh , cry , shriek and shout for him. It thought he was true , unlike the bubbles elsewhere , he considered it his best friend and poured out his heart all the time. It melted for him , it started thinking of itself a bit like other humans do. But gradually he found his soulmate and it became next to nothing for him. It was always there when he needed…but he left it nowhere! Anyway, all the best to him for life!

Then it met another He , He was a spark of hope so bright , making it almost fall for him . Yes , it eventually fell for him and He treaded on and crushed it , paying no heed to it who had almost transformed from it to a human being because of his liveliness in its life.

Ah poor it! How “affectionlorn” could one feel! Not a problem , it knew how to move on! And wished him a farewell which couldn’t be more polite J !

On goes the journey of our it, oh ! this time it starts metamorphosing into a worldly creature…yes , humans call it “She”…God ! full on she became a bollywoodish heroine…deeply in love with the new HE in life…God…HE had the wits to charm…not just her but all the bubbles around. HEz how she would best describe life…a dream in heart and a great vision in mind..HEz someone anybody would idolize and worship every day and night. And yes therez more to say as HE is an epitome of all whats right and disapproves of all whats left! She devoutly dreams and desires to be with HE cuz it seems the indefinite indentity has finally materialized into the best creation of the world.BISES POUR HE!!!

Long live HE!!